Cup-of-Sin-CoverA Cup of Sin - Selected Poems

Translators: Farzaneh Milani, Kaveh Safa
Hardcover: 182 pages
Published: 1998
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0815605546

List of Poems

And Behold
The Ant's Leftover
Apples, Crimson Lanterns
Barren Desert
A Bat Or Some Other Creature
Bring Me The Palette
Can You Really Fly?
The Child Trailed Behind
The Dead Are Silent
Dead Man's Tooth
Don't Read
Doubts, Doubts, Doubts
Dry, Lifeless Dry
Ears, Ears Of Gold
From The Street: 1
From The Street: 3
From The Street: 6
Glass-like Snow
Green Blood
Gypsiesque: 11
Gypsiesque: 13
Gypsiesque: 14
Gypsiesque: 15
Has The Game Ended?
Heart, You Are So Restless
His Master's Voice
I Am So Full Of Light
I Can't Look
I Gave My Face To The Scalpel
I Sell Souls
I Sing In Your Voice
I Swear On The Fig, I Swear On The Olive
I Used To Tell You
I Want A Cup Of Sin
I Write, I Cross Out
I'm An Old Sanctuary
If The Snake Is Domestic
In My Necessary Silence
It Was The Pulse Flying
It's The End Of The Line
It's Time To Mow The Flowers
The Last Leaf
Laws Of Lead
Lead Dust
Lead Insulation
A Lily, Like A Smoke Ring
Limestone Branches
Love Came So Red
A Man With A Missing Leg
Maybe It Is The Messiah
Mind Blister
Mind: Smoke Rings
Must Write Something
My Country, I Will Build You Again
My Heart Is Heavy, Friend
My Little World
O Box Within Box
O Child Of Today
Oh, I Made Love!
Opium Of False Promises
Orange-tressed Sun
Our Tears Are Sweet
'ours' - An Image
The Perfume Of Coffee And Thoughts Of You
The Prostitute's Song
The Rabbit's Garnet Eyes
Raining Death
Song: 3
Song: 4
Song: 5
Sounds Of Blossoms
A State Beyond Words
Thorned Fruit
A Thousand Golden Butterflies
Thump, Thump, Thump, Echoed The Drum
Tick Tock, Tick Tock
Time, It Is Dream Time
Twelve Fountains Of Blood
Two Rows Of Acacia Leaves
What A Cold And Somber Silence
When The Hand Of Darkness
Whirl, Whirl, My Friend
The Windows Are Closed
Wine Of Light
The World Is Shaped Like A Sphere
You Leave, I'll Stay
You Said, It's Only Grapes
You Won't Believe It