Biographical Highlights & Chronology

Birth: July 20, 1927 - Tehran, Iran

Given Name: Siminbar Khalili

Father: Abbas Khalili (1893–1971)

Mother: Fakhr-e Ozma Arghun (1898–1966) 

First husband: Hassan Behbahani, divorced, three children

Second husband: Manuchehr Koushyar

Nationality: Iranian

Education: B.A., Legal Studies, University of Tehran

1951: Publishes first book Setar-e Shekasteh (Broken Lute)

1953–present: Publishes over a dozen books of poetry, develops her innovations to the style and content of the traditional ghazal

1991: Publishes the autobiography/memoir An Mard, Mard-e Hamraham (That man, my companion)

1997: Nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature

1997: Nomination for Nobel Prize in Literature

1998: Human Rights Watch / Hellman-Hammet Grant

1999: Carl von Ossietzky Medal / named president of Iranian Writers Association

2004: Latifeh Yarshater Book Award

2006: Nomination for Nobel Prize in Literature

2007: Norwegian Authors' Union Freedom of Expression Prize

2008: Stanford's Bita Prize for Literature and Freedom - [Award Photo]

2008: Association of Professors & Scholars of Iranian Heritage, Distinguished Scholar Award - [Award photo]

2009: mtvU Poet Laureate

2011: Farhang Foundation Heritage Award